Automotive Air Bag Testing Instruments

Automotive air bag testing is a efficient guarantee for more accurate,Automotive Air Bag Testing Instruments Articles reactive and reliable performance of air bag. Air bag is one of the passive protection systems for automotives, which is directly linked to passenger safety.

According to traffic accident analysis, two thirds of car crush accidents are happening in front of cars; therefore, front air bag system is more broadly applied.

In order to have better performance, air bag design, development and manufacture are all very important. The contents are as follows:

1. Automotive Air Bag Permeation Testing

The material of automotive air bag is a laminated film of rubber and nylon. Air bag is filled with helium when working.

The rapid filling of air bag is of great importance. It is a must for the passenger to be stopped by the fast filled bag which can also exhaust promptly. Therefore, excellent and proper permeation performance of air bag is very important.

Labthink DM 2/330 Differential and used auto parts Equal Pressure Method Gas Permeability Tester can test film and laminated materials including air bag laminated material. This tester can execute differential pressure and equal pressure in the same chamber. Three specimens can be tested simultaneously in 3 chambers. Poisonous, explosive and other gases can be tested as well. The temperature control range is 5C-95C, which is very convenient to test the permeability performance of airbag during storage and when triggered by heat.

2. Automotive Air Bag Smoothness and Open Easiness Tests

Good smoothness and open easiness of automotive air bag are vital to backup air bags and quick reaction when the passenger is in danger. The material of air bag is rubber coated nylon. In order to test air bag smoothness and open easiness, Labthink Instruments Co. Ltd introduces airbag testers as follows:

A. MXD Series of Coefficient of Friction Tester is applicable in static and kinetic coefficient of friction test to plastic film, foils, sheets and paper. Through testing the smoothness of the materials, airbag safety can be guaranteed to meet the demands.